After coming to London from my native Poland in 2000 I've established myself as a building contractor carrying out small residential refurbishment projects. Six years later due to growing family and even faster London's property prices I've moved to Hertfordshire. I've formed a company able to cope with the whole building projects from roof structure to fitting the doormat. Together with a local developer we have successfully delivered over twenty new houses across the county. Few years later I was back in London working with individual clients on theirs extensions, loft conversions etc. Over all those years I had a feeling that it has to be the way to present the projects better,smarter in more professional way. They way which helps client to imagine the final product, as well as all people involved in creating it.

Believe me I've come across few architects and designers, apart from few it as always the same story: " LET'S DO IT AND WE WILL DECIDE LATER" That means lost time,money and materials do not mention endless amendments. I want to offer you the over way around: "LET'S SEE, DECIDE AND DO IT"

As a NEW PERSPECTIVE DESIGN We will offer you:

●professional site inspection

●detailed and accurate drawings

●quality visualizations of your finished project from every possible angle

●detailed specification for every tradesman involved

●project management

●we can arrange the contractors for your project to your requirements

Let us make sure you know what expect at the end before builders arrive. Quality design is no longer reserved for big developers.

Interior Design

Detailed technical drawings


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Bart Krezel

Tel. 07534 994 600